1. Registration
    A non-refundable $40.00 registration fee per family is paid by new students at the time of enrollment.

    2. Tuition and Payments
    Tuition is charged per semester (17-19 weeks/lessons). Tuition is determined based on the lesson duration and the
    day of the week the lessons are scheduled. One semester tuition packages are as follows: 30 min. lessons - $612 to
    $684; 45 min. lessons - $816 to $912; 60 min. lessons - $1,020 - 1,140.
    Tuition is paid in full before the first lessons of each semester. If you choose to have a payment plan a two month
    payment (first and last) is due before the first lesson. The rest of the tuition is paid monthly. Tuition is prorated for
    students who register after the school year has started. Payments are made by credit card or check. Tuition does not
    include cost of books, instruments, and supplemental materials, unless otherwise noted.

    3. Withdrawals and Refunds
    Request for withdrawal is made in writing only (e-mail or US Postal Service mail) directly to the office at least a month
    in advance. Mailed requests must be dated and signed. You will receive a refund for the remainder of the tuition
    starting a month from the date the notice is received. All panding make ups must be completed during that month.
    Refund for pending make ups will not be given. The registration fee is non-refundable.

    4. Retuned Checks
    Returned checks will be subject to a $25.00 fee.

    5. Make Ups and Late Arrivals
    Each student will be given two make up lessons per semester due to excused student cancellations. The school
    must be notified at least 3 hours before the beginning of the lesson by leaving a voice mail or sending an email.
    Shorter notices will not be acknowledged. Make ups may be scheduled with a different teacher depending on
    GRANTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Make up lessons CANNOT be rescheduled. Make up lessons and
    unused lessons cannot be credited to the next semester neither in the form of  a make up nor as a payment credit.
    Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up upon mutual agreement of day and time. Late arrivals will not be
    compensated by extending the lesson.

    6. Parents' Responsibilities
    Parents are responsible for helping the student schedule daily practice time and for providing safe and quiet
    environment for their child's practice session.

    7. Performances
    At the end of each semester students perform in a student recital. All students taking private lessons are expected to
    participate. A fee of $25.00 per attending adult will be charged in advanced. Children attend for free.

    9. Concent and Release
    I, for my minor child, identified below ("Child"), hereby grant to the Varta Academy of Musical Arts (the "Academy") and
    anyone acting on its behalf, the absolute right to use the image, voice, photograph, and/or any other likeness of my
    Child in the Academy's promotional materials, including without limitation, its website and brochures. I, for my Child,
    hereby release the Academy and anyone acting on its behalf, from any and all liability arising out of the creation or use
    of the promotional materials.

    I understand that neither I nor my Child will receive any money or other compensation in exchange for this Consent and

    I hereby represent that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the Child listed below, that I have the full right to enter
    into this Consent and Release, and that I am entering into this Consent and Release knowingly and voluntarily.
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