Zoya Muradyan is  a professional musician and instructor with over 30
years of experience. Her vigorous study and pursuit of music began at an
early age, after she was accepted to the highly competitive and
prestigious Central Music School for Gifted Children in Tbilisi, Georgia.  
After graduating with honors she attended Conservatory, having been
accepted right away as a second level student, something virtually
unheard of. It is there she earned her qualification, MD Soloist in
Symphony Orchestra and Teaching.

Ms. Muradyan has worked in Georgian Television and Radio Broadcast
for over 20 years as Principal Violinist of the Jazz Orchestra, as well as
the Symphony Orchestra. She has appeared frequently on television and
radio during this time, and had a long and lustrous career.

Zoya’s talent for music extends performance, however. She loves sharing
her gift with others, teaching musical performance and theory. Zoya
specializes in instructing solo violin and piano, in addition to duets and
trios, She has worked as a professional instructor both privately and in
New York City schools for 20 years. Her students have gone on to attend
and perform at venues such as Carnegie Hall, and the Juilliard School.
She frequently prepares students for specialized high school admissions and various musical evaluations. She enjoys assisting her students in
the pursuit of their dreams.

“Music is a language very dear to me”, Zoya says. “It has the power to express emotion in the purest form, and connect people”.

“I wish to share this gift of music with others; whether they see it as a career, or hobby, because music brings so much happiness to everyone!”