Zeke Bardash was born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  At the age of five,
upon seeing a live performance by Joshua Bell, Zeke insisted that his parents allow him to
take violin lessons.  As Zeke's father is a musician himself, Zeke’s parents were eager to fan
the flames of his musical interest.  Zeke studied the violin for five years and eventually up
the guitar at the age of 12.
Zeke is a first year master’s degree student at the Manhattan School of Music studying
classical guitar performance.  Previously he attended the Aaron Copland School of music at
Queens College where in her graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in classical guitar
       Aside from his scholastic endeavors, Zeke has also been a guitar teacher.  Most
recently he taught at Catalano’s Music Center in New Hyde Park, New York.  Zeke has had
the pleasure of studying with some of the finest musicians that New York city and the world
have to offer.  The experience of studying with such talented people has surely shaped the
way Zeke approaches all of his musical endeavors, whether it be performance, composition
or teaching.  He hopes that he can share his love and enthusiasm for music with other
people and hopefully help to nurture the musical passion of the coming generations.  
      Aside from music, Zeke enjoys working out, watching hockey and baseball, and reading
the works of Christopher Moore.