Tomás Latorre is a bassist and composer from Argentina. Born in 1990 in
the bay area in California, Tomás moved to Argentina at the age of 6 and
started playing drums at the age of 12. By the time he was 15, he was
playing electric bass, performing in rock, pop, folk, and fusion groups in
Buenos Aires. In 2008, he studied at EMBA (Buenos Aires Music School)
and was performing in events such as the Pepsi Music Festival with
bands such as Caminante and Iemanyá. In 2009, he moved to San
Francisco, California, and took bass lessons with Kai Eckhart. Later in
2011, he was awarded a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music
in Boston, graduating in 2014 with all the honors in Contemporary Writing
and Production.
In 2014, he performed and arranged “Maria Lando” and “Volver” for
Susana Baca’s concert at the Berklee Performance Center. In May 2015,
he arranged “Sombra en el Espejo” by John Zorn/Sofía Rei for the
Panamerican Orchestra of Washington DC.
Mentored by Oscar Stagnaro, Fernando Huergo, Lincoln Goines, and
Matthew Nicholl, Tomás focuses his work on bass performance,
composing and arranging. In December 2015, he released his debut solo
album titled “Vidala Espera,” combining elements of Argentine folklore
with jazz and songwriting; with rhythm section, string, and woodwind
Recently relocated in New York City, Tomás finds himself collaborating
with a wide array of international artists while doing arrangements across
the continent.