Internationally known flutist Mili Chang received her Doctor of Musical Arts
(DMA) degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015. She has received
awards and scholarships including the full scholarship from The Juilliard School
in 2016, the prized winner of National Flute Association Baroque Flute
competition in 2015, and concerto soloist who performed with UW-Madison
orchestra in 2014, and three-year full-ride Paul Collins Fellowship from 2011-
2014. She performed with many ensembles including Sheboygan Symphony
Orchestra, UW-Madison orchestras, Juilliard 415, Tafelmusik Baroque summer
orchestra, American Bach Soloist summer orchestra, Helios woodwind quintet,
The Nunc contemporary music ensemble, and many others. An avid educator,
Mili has many teaching experiences in teaching both solo and ensembles with a
wide range of ages. She seeks the creative ways to teach different individuals,
while balances with the essential basic techniques and the musicianship. She
teaches flute and recorder. She also teaches piano, ear training, music
appreciation, and music theory that accomplish the artistry. She maintains a
private flute studio in NYC area.